Georgann Eubanks is a writer and teacher of writing who moved into the documentary field twenty years ago.  Over her career she has worked in a variety of venues, teaching creative writing in public schools, prisons, and corporate settings, and through the continuing education program at Duke University. She has also helped to develop strategic plans, admissions materials, and capital campaign rationales for colleges, universities, and independent schools across the country.  In the arts, she has served as  a consultant to local and state arts organizations and professional companies.

As a documentary writer and producer, Georgann has been involved in projects tackling issues in education, the arts, organized religion, philanthropy, and economic development. She teaches occasional workshops at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University and directs the Table Rock Writers Workshop and Solatido Songwriters Retreat held annually in Little Switzerland, NC.

Georgann has served as chair of the North Carolina Humanities Council and as president of Arts North Carolina, Inc. She is a two-time Emmy winner and the recipient of a literary fellowship from the North Carolina Arts Council. She is the current president of the North Corolina Literary and Historical Association.

Georgann Eubanks at home in Carrboro, NC

Georgann was invited by the North Carolina Arts Council to figure out how to create a book that would lift up the enormous wealth of literary talent, past and present, in the state. At the same time, the arts council wanted to encourage readers to tour the many sites that have inspired our writers--the places that figure in their stories, poems, plays, memoirs and novels.

Eight years and thousands of miles later, there are three books in the Literary Trails of North Carolina series, published by the University of North Carolina Press. Photographer Donna Campbell and writer Georgann Eubanks, principals in the documentary firm Minnow Media, have researched and ridden the backroads of all 100 counties to discover many surprising connections among North Carolina’s literary lights and hundreds of excerpts that will enliven any road trip or prompt a visit to your local library for something new to read. This website features images from the Literary Trails series, information about Georgann’s availability as a speaker on North Carolina writers, and other opportunities to engage with Minnow Media’s educational and documentary work.